PROJECT notebook series and plexiglass case

Sku: 27.00.BP

PROJECT notebook series and plexiglass case

Sku: 27.00.BP
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Length - 16.4cm
Height - 7cm
Width - 24cm
Weight - 0.54kg


For those small or major slices of life? Have a work, travel or renovation project? Compile your thoughts, sketches and notes!

The PROJECT series takes us into the fifties with the colours of the Eames, Jacobson and Nelson.

“When I write, I work in series; I have several folders in which I keep the pages that I’m inspired to write, according to the ideas that pop up in my head or simple notes for things I’d like to one day explore. I have a folder for objects, a folder for animals, one for people, one for historical figures and another for heroes from mythology. I have a folder for the four seasons and one for the five senses; in another I gather pages on the cities and landscapes of my life, and in yet another, I assemble pages on imaginary cities, void of space and time. When a folder starts to fill up, I start to think about the book that can be drawn from it.” — Italo CALVINO, preface from Invisible Cities

No 27 | PROJECT Series
16.5 x 22.9 cm (6.5 x 9 in)
48 squared (5 mm), lined (5 mm) or white pages 
Saddle stitched
Printed with Pantone vegetable oil-based ink
Recycled paper 100% certified post-consumer fiber manufactured using Biogas Energy, Processed chlorine free (PCF), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Recycled, Permanent Paper, Ancient Forest Friendly™
Printed in Québec, Canada

23.7 x 9.5 x 4.4 cm ( 9.25 x 3.75 x 1.75 in)
Made Quebec, Canada